November Remember Whens






Remember when I broke my hand in the Columbus Junction football game and played on it for the rest of the game and didn’t know it was broken until the next day when I hit it on the back of a couch when I woke up.”- Wyatt Vandusen











“Remember when I had to cut 3 pounds in an hour for wrestling, so I put on several hoodies and jackets, then put on 3 heavy coats, and ran around in Mr. Kelly’s skinny to lose weight, and I made the weight for the meet after school.”- Dalton Snider














  “Remember when I did 400 hurdles for the first time and fell into the opposing lane.”- Kayla Hildreth














“Remember when Abe stole a bunny from someone and brought it into Ag class and put it into his locker for the rest of the day.” – Olivia Mollenhauer