Wilton National Honor Society: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character


Mrs. Reifert

Seniors at their last NHS induction ceremony.

Every year Wilton  High School teachers vote new students into the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  The National Honor Society’s previous members include Michaela Breed, Makenzie Pallischeck, Jacob Reifert, Emerson Drake, Abby Brown, Elizabeth Hugunin, Zoe Barrett, Lillian Wyatt, Karlie Schult, and Audrey Guyer. 

The new members this year were extremely happy to be the chosen few that are now in the club. Josh Hunter, Meggan Hook, Josie Said, Emily Coss, Grace Longlett, Scott Martin, and Ella Caffery were all voted in this year. Junior NHS member Josh Hunter says “I’m pretty excited about it. I was really hoping I got in and it happened, so here we are now.” This sentiment was shared with many of the new members. Junior Meggan Hook says, “I don’t know? I’m excited about it and I am excited to be in it to be with a lot of my friends, I enjoy hanging out with them.”

This year’s induction ceremony was on Monday, November 18. NHS students and their parents celebrated their accomplishments with speeches and a celebratory dinner. Many NHS students felt the ceremony was a special moment in their high school career. “I feel good about my hard work paying off,” Senior Scott Martin said.