Honor Squad: The Last Cheer

Three senior varsity cheerleaders from Wilton High School, Emma Cowles, Hailey Kaufmann, and Makayla Scherrer, attended the Iowa Cheer Honor Squad on November 22nd, giving their hardest work and best performance. The Iowa Cheer Honor Squad association is held at the UNIdome in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and has over 200 cheerleaders perform during two half time games every year. In order to attend Honor Squad, the cheerleader has to be either a junior or senior, on a varsity squad, and meet the requirements set by the Wilton High School cheerleading coach, Sara Anderson. Cheerleaders all over Iowa come to perform at this massive event.

Sara Anderson

The very first day of Honor Squad was held Sunday, November 17th, at Ames High School in Ames, Iowa, and it was a very long, hardworking practice. Cheerleaders were to be at the school from 8am to 4pm for a busy 8 hour-long practice. During this practice, all of the girls were split into two groups, one group would dance and the other group would stunt. The three Wilton High School Cheerleaders danced in the 5-minute routine taught throughout that practice. The second day of Honor Squad was held Thursday, November 21st in Cedar Falls, Iowa, from 2:30 pm-7 pm. The girls continued to work on the 5-minute routine as well as the cheer they learned. The very last day of practice was the same day as the two performances. It was held Friday, November 22nd at the UNIdome in Cedar Falls, Iowa, from 7:30am to 9am. This last practice was preparing the girls for the performance by marking where they stood, warming up stunts, and practicing receiving rewards. 

Friday, November 22nd, was the day the three girls performed with their massive squad of over 250 cheerleaders. During half time of the 1A game, the cheerleaders lined up and waited to perform. After the first performance, cheerleaders were to wait until the next performance. The next performance happened during half time of the 2A game. After the second performance, the cheerleaders received medals and certificates, honoring their hard work and determination. Makayla Scherrer, Hailey Kaufmann, and Emma Cowles all had their very last performance together, however, the memories made will forever be present for them, their team, and their coach.