Satire Q&A: Food Edition

What is your opinion on school lunches?

Grace Longlett- “I don’t particularly enjoy school lunch, so I bring my own.”

Wyatt Vandusen- “There is not much of a variety, but there are some lunches that are pretty beast. For example, chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes, nachos, and walking tacos.”


Would you rather be covered in Nesquik powder or Cheeto dust?

Grace Longlett- “Cheeto dust because then I can have a nice snack throughout the day because I like Cheetos. It would also give me a nice tan because I am pale as heck. I could be orange like the majority of girls in this school.”

Wyatt Vandusen- “Cheeto dust because I like Cheetos a lot.”

Chloe Wells- “Cheeto dust, because it’s cheeto-ey.”

Gavin Knerr – “Definitely Nesquik powder because I am lactose intolerant, and I like the smell of chocolate.”

Makinzie Harker- “Nesquik powder because Cheetos are nasty and it would be like the little powder that gathers at the bottom of your hot chocolate cup and that is good.”


Queso or salsa?

Grace Longlett- “Queso, because I’m lactose intolerant and it adds a little bit of spice to my life. If you ain’t living on the edge then you ain’t living.”

Wyatt Vandusen- “Queso, because cheese is fire.”

Chloe Wells- “Queso, because I don’t like chunky tomatoes.”

Gavin Knerr – “I’m lactose intolerant so probably salsa. But if I’m willing to pay the consequences, then queso.”

Makinzie Harker – “Queso makes any Poncheros meal complete. Salsa is not necessary.”


Best condiment? 

Grace Longlett- “Sour Cream, because I hate every other condiment. Ketchup and mustard are nasty and relish is just fake pickles.”

Wyatt Vandusen- “Ranch, because Iowa.”

Chloe Wells- “Ranch, because you can put ranch on pizza.”

Gavin Knerr – “Tough question, probably honey mustard because it’s a little tang and a little sweetness, and I love sweet.”

Makinzie Harker – “Franks red hot because it is red and hot.”