Wilton Wrestling’s Big Win


Brooke Doehrmann

Coy Baker vs. Northeast Gooselake

Wilton’s wrestlers took a win Thursday 12/5 with a lead of 60-21 against Northeast Community. Head Coach Gabe Boorn states that the team, “Spent the last two and a half weeks getting ready for the first competition week, going into it we were going to have some tough matchups, but I knew the boys could get some rust out of their systems and push through. Kael had a tough matchup against Damen Houston. I was hoping for the Brisker Houston matchup. Houston ranked 4th and Brisker ranked 5th. It came down to a point and Brisker lost by a point. It was good to see what we needed to work with though. Cruse had a tough match as well. He got himself stuck at the end of the third. John Lilly, we bumped him up. We don’t have everybody in our lineup where they need to be yet. We had people with injuries holding them back a bit, and we had to have people come together to have a good team effort. Last night was a good look at what we need to improve on as individuals and as a team together.”


Wilton (WILT) 60.0 Northeast Community (NOCO) 21.0 195: Lesane Bitterman (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 220: Johnathan Lilly (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 285: peyton McLane (NOCO) over Christian Kleppe (WILT) (Fall 1:45) 106: Chayton Ramsey (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 113: Gage Oien (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 120: Dalton Snider (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 126: Kael Brisker (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 132: Jace Rathje (NOCO) over Maxwell Yohe (WILT) (Dec 6-1) 138: Trae Hagen (WILT) over Daniel Rowland (NOCO) (Fall 0:51) 145: Colton Cruse (WILT) over (NOCO) (For.) 152: Kaden Shirk (WILT) over Collin Kuhl (NOCO) (Fall 1:17) 160: Maclane Murrell (NOCO) over (WILT) (For.) 170: Ty Schmidt (NOCO) over Aiden Hewitt (WILT) (Fall 0:45) 182: Coy Baker (WILT) over Cody Ploog (NOCO) (Fall 0:32)