The Wave Of Change: Government Debates 2019

On December 3rd, the Office Party, the Wave Party, and the Dawg Party joined together to debate topics that they have been constructing their views over for the past semester in Wilton High School’s Government class. While sat in front of the student body, each party was asked to discuss their views over certain topics and argue points with each other to make themselves stronger. There were many intense, compelling, and even humorous moments during these debates.

The three parties debated many topics, such as the healthcare system, student debt, the wealth tax, presidential power, military spending, electoral college vs. popular vote, and lastly foreign aid. The Office Party and the Wave Party seemed to agree on a few topics, and sometimes all three groups would come to a consensus. The Wave Party emerged as the victorious party. Their win was announced on December 5th. Emmy Drake, the Vice President of the Wave Party, had many reflections over their big win.

The Wave Party’s President Grace Longlett and Vice President Emmy Drake

Emmy states that she had no idea that the Wave Party would win. She and her party were not expecting the vast spectrum of voters that they actually received. She believes that the Wave Party was led to a win because of their success in the debate. Emmy felt that she and President Grace Longlett had great points during the debate that nobody could really tear down. Emmy states: “Grace’s attitude and the way that she answered questions during the debate was definitely the most notable moment during our time on stage.” 

The winner was announced, and with that the students in Government brought their semester-long campaigns to a close. Students agree that the Government elections have been a fantastic way to teach high school seniors more about the political structure of the nation.  The Wave Party feels proud of their success in their campaign and all that they have learned along the way.