Next One’s In

The Wilton Boy’s Basketball Team has put in an insane amount of work over the offseason with summer lifting and open practice. There have been many new promising additions to the basketball program this year, with two new freshmen starting varsity. The team’s motto this year is, “Next Ones In,” and they have been successful in upholding this with their current record. This may seem like something to brush off, but the boys have already improved since last year. The boy’s basketball team has put in a lot of work this year. Head Coach, Erik Grunder, commented, “Last year we lost twelve seniors so that hit us pretty bad, but I believe that our current freshmen and sophomores have a lot of potential and could make a really good team in years to come. But as of this year, that’s a tough question to answer, especially with the current difficulty of our conference.” Coach Grunder, along with many other Wilton students, is optimistic that this year will be an improvement for Wilton Boy’s Basketball. We can all agree that the best is yet to come, and the current season will be one of the most impressive in years.