Satirical Q&A: Holiday Edition

What is your opinion on eggnog?

Kyle Stark 21’- “Gross, Not fire.”

Chey Rae 20’- “I’ve never had it. But I’ve heard that it’s nasty so I haven’t tried it.”

Aiden Hewitt 23’- “It’s okay but it isn’t for everyone.”

Joann Martin 22’ “It is very gross, it has a terrible taste to it. Eggnog is gross.”


How did you spend your Black Friday?

Kye Stark 21’- “Sleeping, pheasant hunting, and playing video games.”

Chey Rae 20’- “I went shopping at the mall and I was in Tennessee with my friends.”

Aiden Hewitt 23’ – “I got a pair of shoes, then I slept.”

Joann Martin 22’ – “I spent it with friends. Just hanging out, no shopping.”


What is the worst song about the holidays?

Kyle Stark 21’- “The one with like mom kissing Santa Clause or something. That song sucks.”

Chey Rae 20’- ”I think Santa Clause is coming to town. Because it’s annoying.”

Aiden Hewitt 23’-  “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart. That song is terrible.”

Joann Marin 22’ “Probably Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.”


What is the worst/most unusual gift you have ever received?

Kyle Stark 21’-

Literally a four-pack of AA batteries and I didn’t even get anything to put the batteries in. They were just batteries.”

Chey Rae 20’- “So one year I waited to open my heaviest present last, and I opened it and it was just a pack of printer paper. I wanted to yeet myself off of a bridge.”

Aiden Hewitt 23’- “Socks. I just don’t need socks.”

Joann Martin 22’- “The worst on would probably be a fishing pole. I like fishing but not enough to receive a fishing pole as a gift.”