What Are Those? Shoe Edition

What Are Those? Shoe Edition

In high school, girls and boys alike decide to follow clothing trends in the masses. It is no secret that if a new trend pops up, many will be all over the item. Clothing, makeup, and hairstyles all pop up with trends, but arguably the most frequent are shoes. Shoes come and go rapidly and nearly everyone will buy a new, trendy shoe that hits the market.

The absolute most popular shoe for women in our school is definitely white slip-on Vans. They exploded in popularity in 2019 and they have still stuck around. They were a big part of the VSCO Girl movement and are primarily owned by that subculture. Personally, I believe that the shoes are a bit bland and could get dirty easily, but do pair nicely with some outfits. I can’t say whether I would buy them or not, because I am pretty split. Final rate: 6.5/10.

As far as high school boys, I would think that Nike Air Max 270’s are the most popular shoe. They are typical tennis shoes with a large air bubble to support the heel, with some added style effect. They seem comfortable, the air in the shoe is a unique touch. However, I do wonder what they would look like if the bubble popped. I am not too sure whether or not I would buy these shoes. Final Rate: 6/10.

Another popular shoe among women are Crocs. I am not too big on these shoes, they have a weird design. I do think that I would like them more if they didn’t have holes in the top, but for some, they are necessary for decorating the shoe with various charms. I don’t see why they are so popular, as they were not seen as cool ten years ago. While I think they have the potential for better design, I doubt I would buy them in their current, popular style. Final Rate: 2/10.

For the guys, I would say that the Hey Dude slip-on shoes are fairly popular. These shoes have a mostly textured pattern on them and some laces. They seem like shoes you would wear on the beach, but also look like they are most popular among frat boys. These shoes seem comfy and convenient, but I’m not a big fan of the style or the laces. I personally would not buy these shoes. Final Rate: 4/10.