Advice By Bess

Hello! My name is Bess Vrchoticky.

Hello! My name is Bess Vrchoticky. I will be doing a segment in the newspaper called “Advice by Bess.” Whenever you need advice you can just send in your situations, anonymously, and I will give you the best advice I have. I collect all the experiences I have been through and all the knowledge I have gained from my past and put it towards anyone who needs my advice. I enjoy giving advice to my friends and those who want it. This is completely anonymous so don’t worry about your name being out there for everyone to see. If there is a situation where you don’t want any advice and would just like someone to listen to you, please come up to me personally. I will always put time aside for those who need it. Know that whatever you are going through, no matter how big or small, it is important. If you need to talk about something please do so, never hold those things in. If you hold in your issues, then eventually enough of them could build up and that is never good for anyone. That will make people short-tempered, stressed, and depressed.  I am also simply only a high schooler, but I have been through quite a bit. I am excited to give you all the advice that I have and I hope it works out. I’m not saying that everyone will follow my advice, and I’m not expecting you to, but if I can help then that’s all I want to do. Please send in your situations that you need advice on!