The Chronic Disease of Senioritis

Senioritis, the realization that you are leaving the place you grew up. The place where you met all of your friends that you’ve been with since you were little. The place where you created millions of memories. No matter the memories, good or bad, it’s never easy to walk away from them all. This is how Lilly Wyatt feels about senioritis, “The end is coming really close and you lose all your motivation. Then also, you stay motivated because school is important and working on scholarships is starting. But then you still have no motivation because no one around you has motivation.” A lot of the seniors say that they lose their motivation because they are ending a chapter of their lives. Even though these seniors are losing their motivation they are still working very hard. They are working to graduate and some even are working to get scholarships in. Chey Rae says, “It’s like a chronic illness. The symptoms involve no motivation to do anything, sliding grades, and absences.” They are starting a new chapter of their lives though. Some seniors will go straight into the workforce, some into college, some into the arm forces, and maybe some doing something else. Everyone will start multiple new chapters throughout their lives. Even when you lose your motivation, keep pushing forward because, in the end, a new chapter will always come. Senioritis is never easy, but pushing through will pay off.