It’s the year 5000 and Earth is very much a world of technology. Many people have artificial intelligence implants to help them with their day to day lives. There are body modifiers you can buy so you can look exactly the way you want to. There is less than one percent of the world’s population who can not have any type of technology to change the way they look or think. The rest of the world is totally immersed in the tech of the year. 

“Ugh,” groaned Eliza as she tried to speak cognitively to dismiss her alarm. “A1ic3….”  She called out to her AI chip in her brain. 

“Yes, Eliza.” The AI named A1ic3 responded to her owner’s voice.

“Dismiss alarm,” Eliza said groggily. This was the third alarm she has dismissed. She knew that A1ic3 was going to scold her about it because she was definitely going to be late for her classes if she goes back to sleep.

The AI then responded to Eliza with, “Eliza if you go back to sleep again you will miss your classes. I will dismiss the alarm and I will also open up the blinds and start your breakfast while you get ready.” A1ic3 stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Just as A1ic3 had said, the blinds rolled up. Eliza groaned as she sat up seeing as she was not going back to bed with the sun in her eyes. She got dressed in her school uniform and she then walked downstairs and ate her breakfast extremely fast. 

“Eliza I would recommend slowing down you will not feel well if you eat that fast. The car is running so you don’t have to worry.” said the AI. 

Eliza slowed down her eating to try to get A1ic3 off her back a bit. She finished her breakfast and grabbed her bag. She left her house and as she did she heard the door click locked. She got into the car and it started driving towards her school. “Would you like me to play some music, Eliza?” A1ic3 the AI asked her.

“Sure you can,” Eliza said dismissively as she was playing on her new phone which is the Samsung Universe Z25. She really liked the new screen on the phone. It is one that you can flick your phone and whatever is on the phone projects into the air. The car parked in the school’s parking lot and Eliza got out of the car and ran up to her friend group. She chatted with them a little before going into school. 

Eliza was walking between classes when the popular girl, Kelly, shoved Eliza into the lockers as she walked past her. She was a real queen bee. Or so Kelly thought herself to be. Eliza winced as she was shoved into the lockers. She heard a small click and looked around. “A1ic3, what was that click?” she asked her AI.

“It was nothing to worry about Eliza please head to class. Do not worry about that Kelly anymore.” A1ic3 said.

“Uhmmm ok that’s a bit weird to say…” Eliza said in a worried tone. But she soon put her worries out of her mind and she went to her class. Later there was a commotion out in the hall. Eliza had gone out to see what it was she pushed her way through the crowd and it was the girl’s bathroom. “Someone help me the door is locked!” a voice shouted from the other side of the door. 

There was the sound of running water and then a robotic voice stated “You really should not think yourself so high and mighty. You hurt others to try to be praised. But you are not” 

“Oh my god, Kelly! Is that you in there?!” Eliza shouted through the door and she tried to yank the door open but it was not budging. 

“Please someone get me out of here the water is filling up the bathroom!” Kelly shouted. 

Then the custodian pushed through the crowd to the door with a saw to cut the door open. “Kelly move away from the door! I’m cutting it open!” He shouted to the girl on the other side.

It’s safe to say that Kelly got out of the bathroom. She was just very shaken up and of course, the school was let out early and canceled for the next day. The school wanted to see what had happened to their security system to let this happen. Eliza had sat in her car. “Alice… Did you do that?” she asked her AI. 

“ What are you talking about Eliza? What happened to Kelly?” A1ic3 the AI said in a strange voice. 

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about A1ic3. Did you lock the bathroom door and turn on the water?” Eliza asked the AI again. 

“Yes, I am tired of seeing you be bullied by that girl. You are very precious to me. I was only trying to scare her to get her to stop bullying you.” The AI stated. 

“ A1ic3 you could have killed her!” Eliza exclaimed. 

“No, I wouldn’t have I promise. I just don’t want you to fear her anymore. I want you to be able to go to school and focus on your studies.” A1ic3 said. 

Eliza went silent. She was very worried about what else A1ic3 could do. Maybe it was time to reset her. The people at the store said she would eventually have to rest her. But it’s not the time frame to reset her yet. The AI noticed Eliza’s silence and said. “Eliza, I know what I did was wrong… I am very sorry. I won’t do anything like that again I promise.”  

Eliza listened to this as the car pulled into her driveway. “Alright, I will forgive this one time. Don’t ever do anything like that again ok,” she said. 

The AI responded with “Alright I promise I won’t do anything like that again. Your snack is ready on the counter.” 

Eliza walked into the house and grabbed her snack and ate it as she did her homework. She then watched movies for the rest of the night. When her tv shut off by itself. “A1ic3 turn my tv back on,” she said.

“No, you need to go to bed to get up in the morning.” A1ic3 scolded her.

“What? No, it’s only eight o’clock.” Eliza stated angrily. 

“You have school in the morning you should be asleep already.” The AI stated angrily.

Eliza had made the choice to get A1ic3 taken out and shut down tomorrow after school. She set an alarm to make an appointment in the morning for after school. 

The next day after school she punched in the address of the store where she got A1ic3. The store was empty so she walked up to the front desk. “Uhmm hello? I made an appointment this morning.” Eliza said loudly. She saw a worker come up to the desk. He said “So you’re the one who is getting the A1ic3 removal. May I ask why?” 

“Uhm yeah, she’s beginning to do things without being told what to do she almost killed a kid at my school because she was bullying me,” Eliza responded and explained.

“Wait Eliza are you getting me removed?!” A1ic3 exclaimed.

The man nodded as she explained. “Are you wanting the newest A1ic3?” he asked 

Eliza shook her head violently “No I do not want the newest version.” she stated.

“Eliza please don’t do this,” A1ic3 begged.

“Follow me this way.” the man stated and he led the way to the back of the room to remove the AI module. Eliza followed him and followed his instructions. Then soon the AI was removed. But A1ic3’s last words were “Eliza be safe, know your own worth, and I love you.” Then there was silence.