Engineering to Success


So I had gone to Kansas City for a robotics contest and I had been asked by my father and my friends, “Why did you join robotics?” Well, I have many reasons why but the biggest one is that I want to learn many things and I wanted a new experience. One thing that I have enjoyed is that the opportunities that you earn from robotics can actually help you out if you want to become an engineer. In Wilton, we have a robotics team and it is a great community. 

In the community, there are two things that are needed in order to have a successful team. One is teamwork and the other is having fun with your team. Teamwork is always something that is important to a team. In volleyball, the girls make it to state because they work hard and they work well together. In a practice it should never be hard all the time, it should be fun and you should be able to learn something new. The Wilton Robotics Team Head Coach, Dan Kelly said, “I want students to be able to work collaboratively as a team to solve problems. They should be able and willing to learn new things and no be afraid to work hard.” 

In FTC, or, First Tech Challenge, the challenges are a little more competitive and you have to use your ideas to make the most successful robot and teamwork is essential in making it better. If you can’t have fun while competing then you will not become a successful team. There are moments where they will make you laugh, make you angry, and even moments where you will cry, but, your team will always be there for you. 

In FRC, or, First Robotics Challenge,  competing is on a different scale and you have different supplies and it can be more hectic on the field than off the field. Sometimes you may not have the money to go to many competitions and you may even only go to one or two competitions. If you don’t feel like you belong or like you feel like you are lost, you can ask for help from your teammates and coaches. Remember to always work hard and also have fun in the process.