Gavin’s Question Corner: February Edition

Why is the sky blue? – Zach Delever

The sky is blue because every year all of the world governments launch long-distance missiles into the sky barrier that the aliens have placed over the Earth to observe us. That’s why before long-distance missiles were invented the sky was incredibly black, to the point that you couldn’t even see stars, (the stars are fake, obviously). The dye is made out of thousands of tons of red cabbage that is boiled down into a dark blue color that is EXACTLY the color of our sky. So, with that logic, before red cabbage was invented, the color blue just simply didn’t exist.


Why is music so influential? – Bess Vrchoticky

Music is so influential because of how the Illuminati has conformed out minds into conforming with the famous people in the world. And who makes up a large number of famous people in the world? Musicians. And what does music do to people? Feel things. And who makes you want to feel negative emotions? Billie Eilish. And what is Billie Eilish apart of? The Illuminati. THEREFORE, music → Illuminati → musicians → Billie Eilish → Illuminati. Let that sink in, one of the most popular musicians in the world is controlling your mind. Baboosh.