Almost, Maine Steals The Stage


Almost, Maine Steals The Spotlight

The Hobbit, Narnia, Little Shop of Horrors. Each year the theater participants and Mrs. Miller have put in great efforts on creating phenomenal performances. This year, Wilton is putting on a play called Almost, Maine.

According to the high school play director, Nicole Miller, the play is a romantic comedy. The play takes place in a small town called Almost, Maine, where people are experiencing different types of love. Of course, with how the year 2020 has been, there has been some skepticism with how rehearsals and the eventual performances would look. Mrs. Miller states, “The only concern I would have with rehearsals would be switching to rehearsal as a Google Meet instead of in person. Given that each scene is only two to three people, I am not concerned with that being an issue. I know that our audience members will have to be masked as well as the students on stage. However, like sports, when students are actively performing, they will not be masked”.

Getting involved in theatrical events is a great way for students to get out of their comfort zones and have some fun. It can improve stage fright and even social anxiety. For those who have never participated in extracurriculars like this, Mrs. Miller says, “This would be the best play to be in, in terms of not having to make a huge commitment to time.” Almost, Maine has some scenes with minimal talking that is more focused on facial expressions. Auditions are September 8th through September 11th. Students will need to fill out an audition form to participate. Best of luck to all participants and, as always, break a leg!