Wilton Volleyball has a Confident Start to their Season


Beavers rise to the top 5 early on this season in hopes of making a comeback to state. As the Wilton girls volleyball team start their season, they are ranked 4th. They have most of their returning lineup with only having to replace one senior from last year. They also have a new member of the team, a junior, Carly Puffer, who is starting on the team. The Beavers played their first conference game on Thursday, September 3rd against Regina, and won with a 3-0 sweep. Senior Ellie Hugunin says that “ We are an overall well-coordinated team; we aren’t afraid to hit the ground and dig balls up.”

While their practices are mostly the same, the games look a little bit differently this season with no switching sides and very limited high fives within the teams. Many teams choose to wear masks while Wilton doesn’t, but the team tries their best to protect themselves and their other teammates from the virus.

Junior setter Ella Caffery shares that their strong start is in part because of the height on the team. She says “there are four 5’11 players to block the ball.” These 4 players are Kelsey Drake, Ella Caffery, Carly Puffer, and Kiley Langley. The heights may vary a little between each girl, but with a front-row like that, it’s going to be very hard for teams to get a good hit down.

Caffery thinks their biggest conference match will be against class 3A West Liberty, who is ranked 8th. The Wilton team is very confident in how their season is going to go, already this season they are 7-0 and will be participating in some harder tournaments, later on, to get themselves ready for regional play. Both Hugunin’s and Caffery’s hope for the season is that it doesn’t get cut short.  They strive to finish their season at the state tournament once again.