If We Play Tag, You’ll Be It Forever: Cross Country 2020


This year’s sports seem to be very different because of Covid-19. Due to cross country being an outside sport, many people would assume Covid-19 doesn’t affect it. This is incorrect. Masks are required at most meets and must be worn by runners as well unless they are racing. The lone senior boy, Ethan Bailey, has high hopes for the season even with all of the changes this year.

Ethan says he is excited to see how the team will grow together during this season. Many seniors feel like they carry more responsibility because they are who the underclassmen look up to. Being a senior plays a big role in showing whose shoes the upcoming kids will fill in the years to come. Ethan says “As a senior, I am looking at how I can be a leader and how to leave my mark on the team. I want to be a good role model, and I hope that others try their best because of the effort I am giving.” 

When Ethan talked about what he looks forward to, Ethan stated, “The Iowa City Regina meet. My goal this year is to just do my personal best and help others to reach their personal best too. My motivation comes from seeing how others have improved and how I have helped them reach their goals.” 

While this year is going to change common practices for many sports due to the global pandemic, the hard work cross country members like Ethan are putting in to make the season a successful one has not changed. Wilton Athletics are taking things day by day because they never know what the next day may hold. Even with this uncertainty, cross country members are putting in the effort to make the season a strong one.