What is the Secret to a Good School Meal?


For the longest time students have been debating over what is the best school food. But instead of finding what’s the overall favorite, you could find what is similar in all the foods that kids like. What is the secret to a good school meal?

I asked students what their favorite meals were and the results varied. I did not want to limit their answers by asking to choose out of a few choices. Instead, I wanted to find what all of their favorite meals had in common. The people that were interviewed had mostly different answers, but the thing that is similar in all the foods was cheese and/or breading. Some of the students’ favorites were chicken nuggets, multi cheese bread, crispito, nachos, macaroni and cheese, and popcorn shrimp. In all these foods there is either some sort of breading or cheese. 

Another thing I asked was what their favorite side was. The majority of people said mashed potatoes, which are typically served with chicken nuggets. Overall, the mashed potatoes seemed to be the favorite side at Wilton High School, with another favorite school side being the strawberries. 

Looking at the Wilton Blue and Gold news website, a poll was done on September 27, 2019 over what the best school food was. The poll showed the top three school lunch meals: first being Mac and Cheese, second being Beef and Noodles, and third being Multi-Cheese Bread. In all of those meals, there is a lot of cheese and breading. 

In conclusion, people typically like food with a lot of breading or cheese. Favorite foods can vary from person to person, and change based on school years. But in the end, cheese and bread based foods take the cake for the most appetizing school meal.