Our Voices Under Our Masks


Covid-19 has made many things change these past few months, and it’s been hard for many people to adapt. A lot of things have been taken away from students and they have all had to grow up very fast compared to year’s past. Everything that used to be normal is restricted, and many events are not even happening this year like the homecoming parade. The events that do take place require masks to be worn.

Taking the safety precautions of wearing a mask is frustrating to many students. Senior Emi Coss said, “if it wasn’t mandatory, I wouldn’t wear one, but since it’s mandatory I’m okay with wearing one I guess.” John Lilly is skeptical of the mandate, stating: “I don’t like the idea of a mask, it’s annoying. I don’t believe they work.”

There are many other opinions around the school. Due to this being their senior year, seniors like Emi and John have some hard feelings towards what’s happening. Wearing a mask takes some getting used to, and may be a distraction for a while, but they both agreed that they are starting to get used to it. Wearing a mask has its ups and downs for many students. It has been scientifically shown to help stop the spread of Covid-19, but it hasn’t been proven to be 100% effective.

Emi’s thoughts on the Covid-19 are “I’m not scared to get it because the possibility of me dying at the age I am is really low, and most people my age don’t show symptoms. I don’t think I’ve had it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have.” She mentioned the worst part about the pandemic so far has been her grandpa getting it, and being stuck in her house for two months. John shared similar thoughts saying “I might have had it. I don’t know, but it’s not scary. I’m in perfect condition and nothing is wrong with me.” He claims the most affected he’s been from the pandemic is getting himself into the weight room due to school restrictions.

Thoughts may vary around the school, but what has been heard through the air is that many kids have been struggling this year compared to the past. All that can be hoped for is to have fun and stay as safe as possible!