Halloween 2020: More Tricks Than Treats?


During the time of Halloween, the spirits of young children are lifted by the excitement of the holiday. To not have Halloween trick or treat because of the pandemic would not only sadden the children; but their parents as well. There are also many people that celebrate the day by handing out the goodies to the kids. Even the watchers that enjoy watching all the different costumes flooding the sidewalks.

In interviews with Lisa Taylor-Furne and Nicole Miller, they talk about their thoughts on this year’s Halloween. When asked about the possibilities of trick or treat happening here in town, Taylor-Furne says: “I think it should be, because it’s an outdoor activity that can be done in small groups with minimal contact.” Miller was along the same lines by saying, “If we can figure out how to have garage sales, we can’t imagine trick or treating could be that different.” This is true, the town has now had two successful city-wide garage sales this year increasing the chance to hold Halloween trick or treat.

Taylor-Furne and Miller both have high hopes for a Halloween trick or treat this year. Taylor-Furne says, “kids need to have something fun to look forward to and do with everything that’s been cancelled.” Miller looks at the bright side of things and says: “I think it should happen because it’s already outdoors most people give out prepackaged things anyways”. This is a true statement considering pre-packed items are safer to transfer to other people which shouldn’t be an issue.

When talking to Mrs. Taylor-Furne, she explained her plans for Halloween: “I plan to spend halloween making a pot of soup and hopefully taking my daughter out trick or treating for the first time.” Mrs. Miller says, “I stay home and hand out the candy for the kids.” Halloween is a big holiday for many children and everyone in general so for the season to be ruined would be devastating for many.