Beavers Volleyball Remains Strong


The Wilton volleyball team is having a great season this year. Their hard work and time spent practicing have shown to have paid off. As of October 8th, they’ve had a winning streak going 24-0 and have made their coach and the whole school proud. Each member of the team deserves applause, congratulations, and appreciation for the time and effort they’ve put into the sport.

Their coach, Brenda Grunder, is extremely proud of her team and is very thankful for the support the students show at their games and to even be playing at all. When asked how the season was going she replied, “First of all we’re grateful to be playing. In March I wasn’t very sure we’d have a season. So far we’re going 22-0 and we’re very grateful for that.” It’s inspiring how much she believes in her team and their skill. She and her team all share a familiarity that Coach Grunder is very proud of. “As athletes, we all love to compete but what makes our team special is that we call ourselves more of a volleyball family. We share a closeness and I take pride in that” she said. It shows the bonds that can form by being on a team together. Coach Grunder and the rest of the team enjoy playing together and are excited to see the talent to come from the younger classes. 

Many members of the team are full of pride as well. Many of the upperclassmen players are excited to see how future players perform and hope to welcome more into their volleyball family. As Joann Martin, (‘22) states “The season is going well. We have young talent and the next grades are looking good too.” When asked if she had any advice for the future members of the team she said “I tell the freshmen to listen to their coaches and upperclassmen a lot. Really they should just have fun with it.” The players of the volleyball team have a very close bond as a team and are welcoming to the athletes to come. Their closeness, their efforts alone, and as a team is part of what makes them so successful.