Student Views on the First 2020 Presidential Debate


Students’ views on politics are important because this is our future. Paying attention to what our future may hold and how it will be run is very important, considering the fact that we can be well educated on what’s coming next. In that case, there were students interviewed that watched the debate talking about how they felt about it and what they got from it. Because not many people want their political views to be known, their opinions and answers will remain anonymous.

When talking about the overall thoughts on the first presidential debate this year, a student mentioned that “it was hard to follow because of all the shouting over each other.” The next student that was interviewed stated, “it was unpresidential-like, it should have been more presidential.” That seems to be a popular answer and thought about the debate and how it was run.

When talking about how the debate made students think about what the future may hold, they both seem to feel a little questionable. One of the students says, “when looking at one side it makes me afraid of what the future may hold if that party gets elected.” This was a perspective from one party, knowing that if the opponent wins they will not be satisfied with what is to come. Another student that was interviewed mentioned, “the options aren’t the best, but depending on who wins will change how the future will be run.” The students seem to be unsure of what they should be wanting because they aren’t sure how to feel about how the debate went, there were many questions left unanswered.

The main thing the students said they took in from the debate wasn’t even for educational purposes. One mentioned that it was “humorous, because of the interruptions.” The other said, “the moderator could’ve been more neutral and attacked Trump less” with that being said, there seems to have been barely any intake from the first debate this year.