Masks on the Court – Women’s Basketball 2020


This year our basketball season is going to look a little bit different. We have most of the returning line up and four seniors this year. Practices will vary because we will have to be sectioned off to minimize contact. In addition, there will be a lot of sanitizing going on to keep everyone safe. 

Coach Jake Souhrada gave some input on his thoughts on this season. He says, “I hope that we will get to have a full season, but I do not know with the way that numbers are going right now.” Social distancing will be held during practice so that masks do not have to be worn at all times, but it will still keep people safe from getting the virus. The players will be in groups of four and stay in these groups to minimize which people are exposed. In his opinion: “I think that with returning many of our starters and gaining a year of varsity experience I hope that we will have a good season.” The team did not have much time over the summer to work together due to COVID and being in quarantine, so a lot of work is going to have to be put in to get where we want to be this season. 

The other person that I interviewed was junior Kelsey Drake (‘21). As many of you know, she is the record holder for most points made in a game, and this is something she has two seasons left to break again. Her favorite part about basketball season is “being able to enjoy the sport and hanging out with my friends every day.” She also believes that with a lot of the same girls coming back, we will have a decent season and hope that it doesn’t get canceled. The hope is to enjoy the season while we can.