Students’ Thoughts on the Election


The election this year has involved statistically more people than in the history of elections. Students have been very involved this year as to what has been happening during the election. There were a few students interviewed about their thoughts on how the election has been going this year. The election has made an impact on many people so far, it’s important for voices to be heard.

When talking to the students about how they feel about how the election is going this year, many of them agreed that it is a bit catastrophic, and rough this year. A student described the election, “complicated is an understatement, it’s all falling apart really”. Another student had said,  “I don’t feel like it’s going the way it should. Honestly, it should be just set and done on the night of, it doesn’t need to be dragging out. All the mailed votes should be in before the in-person voting”. A student that clearly had different views mentioned, “it’s going pretty smooth right now to count all the votes and mail-in ballots should be pretty simple”. With the variety of thoughts from students, it still comes down to the confusion of voting during this time. 

The students were asked about the possible turnouts. A couple of students had said  “it’s hard to tell how far lawsuits go” and  “well more votes are going towards Biden so probably Biden, let’s not take this forever”. Another student was confident in Biden winning. One student mentions “last I checked, I think it looked like Biden is going to win with 264/270 but I don’t want to keep my hopes up because in the last election everyone thought Hillary was going to win but then Trump did”.

Knowing everything is possible for the future, students were asked about what could possibly happen after official results. Many believe different things will happen after the results. The view of the students has a little pattern. A thought that was said; “depends if Trump wins there’s gonna be riots if Trump wins I think people will just move on” and  “Republicans are going to be mad especially about raising taxes. If Trump wins at least there won’t be higher taxes”. A couple of other mentions were  “all the people who voted for Trump will be mad” and “protests are definitely going to happen no matter what side wins some have already started. It’s definitely going to be a chaotic mess but will vary depending on who wins the election”. 

Students’ thoughts are very important in the aspects of being entitled to their own opinions and following along with what is going on around the country and world. Many of these things can have an impact on them and considering the circumstances of this election, paying attention to this isn’t a bad thing.