MCC Classes


MCC stands for Muscatine Community College. At our high school, you can take some of the classes during your junior and senior years. MCC classes can count as college credits and those credits can help with college. There are many MCC classes you can take and a lot of them are online. I asked people what MCC classes they took. Josh Garvintook macro and microeconomics and he said, “ They are not too bad it was relatively easy.” I also asked Jacob Garcia the same questions he said, “I took statistics and it is a pretty difficult class”. It is important to do well in MCC classes because they can help with other classes in the future.

 Some of the classes you can take at MCC include microeconomics, statistics, and college algebra. If you fail an MCC class you can no longer take MCC classes. So make sure you pass your MCC classes so then you can continue doing MCC. This can be a challenge for some students because some of the MCC classes are difficult. One of the difficult MCC classes is stats. On the other hand, some MCC classes are easy such as microeconomics. 

 Do your best in MCC to get as many college credits as you can while you’re still in high school. If you do MCC in high school you won’t have to pay for those courses in college. MCC classes are considered more difficult than high school classes because they are college classes and they count as college credits. MCC classes are important for college but not required to attend college.