A COVID Holiday Season


Many people, due to the pandemic, aren’t going to be celebrating the holidays together. Since cases are rising many people are deciding to stay home and not see each other on holidays such as Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Until cases start going back down, many places will continue to be shut down and masks will be mandated in public. The two people I interviewed have traditions that they aren’t going to be able to do, due to COVID-19. 

Lizzy Delever (‘21) goes to her grandma’s house every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year she won’t be. The only people she will be spending her holidays with are her siblings and her parents because she has older family members that they don’t want to infect so they are keeping their distance. With all of this going on, one thing she is looking forward to is “ I will go black Friday shopping if it’s allowed.” Her favorite part about the holidays is all the food she gets to eat, especially at Thanksgiving. 

The other student I interviewed was Mallory Lange (‘22). She always visits her grandma from Illinois on the weekends but now she isn’t because they don’t want her to be at risk for getting the virus. “We aren’t going there for Thanksgiving either.” She said. This virus has affected a lot of people, but this holiday season is going to be tough because this is the time of year where people who usually don’t see each other, get together to celebrate. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because “I love the music and it’s a very positive vibes holiday.” But sadly they aren’t going to cut down a tree this year like they usually do. Mallory is going to try and keep the holidays the same by listening to music and watching as many Christmas movies as she can!