High School Plans for Valentine’s Day


Having a valentine is something not every teen has, so when it comes down to it – everyone wants to know what is going on during Valentine’s Day in the high school.  A couple of girls that each have valentines explained their ideal date and their own plans for the special day of love.

When it comes to having the ideal Valentine’s date, Kelsey Drake, ‘22, believes the ideal date is “just doing something fun together.” Josie Said, ‘21,  goes a bit further in detail by mentioning her ideal date as “going to dinner at a sit down restaurant, then going home to watch a movie. While watching the movie, I would want comfy pajamas on and make some popcorn to eat during the movie.” 

Kelsey and Josie both have dates for the holiday. Josie claims Chase Garvin, a senior from Wilton is her valentine. Kelsey claims a senior from Northeast Gooselake, Alijah, is her valentine. 

Kelsey talks about her plans for Valentine’s Day and says, “we are going to Applebee’s because it’s my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant.” Josie has plans to spend a lot of time with her valentine. She says, “my plans are to go to dinner with my boyfriend, although we haven’t decided where yet. Then, we will probably go to my house and watch a movie.” Seems going out to eat is a popular choice for most high school couples. 


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