Wilton Boy’s Basketball Wins in the Dark


Freshmen Landyn Putman shoots the ball

Wilton boys basketball in the past has been known to not be such a good basketball team. But in the past few years with the new head coach Erik Grunder the idea of Wilton basketball has changed for the better. Last week the Wilton basketball boys (7-11)beat undefeated (13-0) West Branch with Jackson Hull shooting the last three-point shot to put them up one in the final seconds (53-52). Here’s how the game went for leading scorer Caden Kirkman (‘23) “Super exciting, very hyped, felt calm the whole time. Wasn’t freaking out about refs or other players. Played together, didn’t just take the first shot, played calm against tough defense”. 

In the coming weeks are the playoffs, a chance for all the teams in the district to compete for the state title. For the first round of playoffs, the Wilton basketball boys will be playing Durant at Durant. The basketball boys are now 1-1 with Durant so it will be an exciting game to watch. With Durant’s Nolan Delong and Keagan Head against Wilton’s Caden Kirkman and Jackson Hull going head to head to see who moves on in the playoffs. 

No matter the outcome of the playoffs, it has been an exciting year for Wilton basketball. This is the first year, head coach Erik Grunder has had back-to-back wins. This is also the best record he has had as a basketball coach. With all of that said we would hope to see all of you beaver fans at the game cheering the basketball boys on.