Guys in Singlets


Wilton High School is known for multiple sports but wrestling is one of the most well-known sports at Wilton High School. And the 2020/21 Wilton wrestling team has been one of the best teams that Wilton has had in a while. Also, this team is looking to have multiple state contenders and maybe even multiple state champions. 

The wrestling team has definitely been making some noise this year around Iowa “We are going to have at least three but maybe even six wrestlers make it to states this year” Said one of the wrestlers Gavin Schenpper (‘22). Another one of the wrestlers Kaden Shirk (‘23) said: “We will probably have four make it but we’ll maybe even have six”. Wrestling isn’t just about individuals making it to state, teams can also make it. When asked if the Wilton wrestling team has the ability to make it Gavin had to say “I think the team definitely has the ability to make it”. But there will be some tough competition and some of the schools are known for having very good wrestlers “I don’t think we’ll make it to state duals because we’ll have to face either Don Boscow or New Lisbon” said Kaden. 

This wrestling season has had the most wrestlers on the team than ever before and everyone on the team has been working hard to make themselves and the team better every day. “This year there was a lot of adversity on the team but this year has definitely prepared me for next year and as a team, I think we’ll definitely make some noise. All I’m gonna say is don’t sleep on the wrestlers” said Gavin. This season has led to many people improving and opening the doors for many younger guys to step up and take the places of the graduating class. “This year has been really good, everyone on the team has improved and we’ve only lost a couple duals,” said Kaden. 

The Wilton wrestling team has definitely had a good year and with state coming up I am excited to see how many wrestlers make it and even become state champions. Also, it looks like next year’s team is ready to step up and make things happen.