Quarantined Kids


Being quarantined has been a recurrence for many of the Wilton students. Quarantine is the time when students have to stay home from school and activities for about 10-14 days depending on if they were in close-contact with COVID or if they got sick with the virus themselves. Some people would consider this period as a vacation, while others dread being stuck at home.  

“I got to spend more time with family”, shared a sophomore girl. The high schooler stated that this was the highlight of her quarantined weeks was playing games and making new memories while being at home. The weeks spent at home seemed to be less stressful on this student because she said, “It was nice to have a break from school and just spend time at home with no schedule”. On the other hand, quarantine impacted kids in other ways. “I got very stressed with homework and knowing if I would be able to stay on pace with everyone else”. Being stuck at home is very hard for kids to learn new things since they do not have a teacher there to explain things for them if they are confused. 

Quarantine has hit many students at the Wilton High School. This experience differs from person to person, but overall it seems to be a relaxing yet stressful time. This “vacation” from school looks as if it would be very nice, but the biggest problem that seems to happen for these kids is that they get confused with all of the school work they are having to do on their own. This pandemic has made a lot of changes and made things very hard on students, so be easy on them. Quarantine is not all fun and games and can come with a lot of ups and downs mentally.