The Show Must Go On – Prom 2021 Updates


The 2020-21 school year has been hectic for students – to say the least. Mask mandates, activity restrictions, and no dances thus far have all weighed down on the students heavily. Many are hoping for a slight chance to have a normal activity this year. Luckily for the upperclassmen of this year, prom is in the works.

A meeting with Mr. Snavely and Terri Denkman solidified the event for prom. Promenade, prom, and after-prom will all be proceeding as usual on April 24th, 2021. Luckily for students hoping to bring dates beyond the school, students will be able to bring graduates and residents from other schools as long as they’re younger than 21. There will be some general rules and changes implemented due to COVID, however.

Masks will be required at all three prom events, and prom will be held in the high school gym rather than the Wilton Community Center this year. Otherwise, school administration is trying to maintain as much “normality” as possible for the students this year. Gracie Koele, ‘21, expresses her excitement for a school prom her senior year. “I’m really glad we can still have prom. With homecoming cancelled I wasn’t so sure.” Many juniors and seniors feel the same way as Gracie, thankful we can have a bit of normal within these abnormal circumstances. Gracie notes, “I’m glad we can have this event to gather with our classmates during the pandemic, especially seniors when it may be one of the last times to do so.”