Mason’s Mamma Mia’s Restaurant Review


Mamma Mia’s is an Italian restaurant located in Muscatine Iowa. This year our prom group had decided to go to Mamma Mias before prom. Our group of around 20 people proved to be a challenge for Mamma Mias and their task force. Our waitress was very nice and helpful. There was a little bit of a communication barrier, but she did her very best and even had another waitress come over to help her with our orders. Two people out of our group never received their food, and eventually gave up and did not even tell the waitress. 

Once we had received our food most of the table could agree the food was pretty awful. I had ordered the tilapia because it was their special that night. The fish wasn’t fully cooked and they had left the blood vein in it, I had taken a few bites before I felt if I had eaten anymore I would have been sick. In a few words from Gavin Schnepper about Mamma Mia’s “I would give it a 6/10 because it looked fancy in there. The food wasn’t that bad, but for the price, it was not near worth it.” Now a few words from Briggs Hartley who had eaten all of his pasta within just 4 minutes “I would give it a 6/10 it was alright but personally I would not go back, because I just wasn’t a big fan of it because there are better Italian places out there.” 

My personal opinion of Mamma Mias was around the same as theirs, I didn’t really like the food. The service was okay but pretty bad considering two of the people at our table never received their food. The place was really Italian though, and I definitely like the vibe that was in there and the place was really nice. I think if they would just critique some of the things they do it would be a great place.

In conclusion, I would give Mamma Mia’s a 3.5 star out of 5. I would recommend it to people if they are looking for a fancy place to eat at, but in terms of quality flavorful food, there are many other options out there. If you like burgers or more Americanized food, I would suggest the Muscatine Brewery.