Why You Should Start A Garden


Have you ever planted a garden or know someone that has? There is no comparison and nothing better than the taste of a garden-fresh tomato versus a store-bought tomato. There are many benefits of starting a garden from being able to watch your produce grow to be able to go in your backyard to pick fresh produce to eat and not having to go to the store to get a tomato. Gardening actually has many positive benefits to one’s health. Let’s talk about the positives of gardening more in-depth. 

One benefit to planting a garden is that you are more prone to eating healthier such as consuming more fruits and vegetables. Also if you like to know what your food goes through or what kind of chemicals could be on them since you are at your home you get to decide what kinds of fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with your food. You also get to decide when you pick your produce because eating something riper usually has more nutrients than something store-bought, which is usually picked earlier and is less fresh. Gardening is actually shown to build self-esteem and reduce stress. It also is shown to be good for your heart, makes you a happier person, and give you a boost of vitamin d. Gardening also burns many calories and can lower your blood pressure. 

It can sometimes be hard to just get started because it is frustrating at first because not everything you plant will grow. There are many resources on the internet to help you have a successful garden but also you can go to your local floral shop and they can help you as well. You can plant seeds or already grown plants whichever is easiest for you. I had an interview with Mrs. Garringer and I asked her if she has ever grown a garden and she responded with “my parents always had one growing up and we grew lots of tomatoes and baby carrots. My mom tried to grow corn one time and it didn’t turn out good. My husband and I have had a lemon tree but it died the third year we had it. During quarantine last year we started seeds and we tried growing different peppers in a pot.I then asked what she thought was the biggest challenge of growing a garden would be and she said “Making sure you’re keeping up with the plants and not under watering or overwatering.” Mrs. Garringer made some very good points in this interview. 

Starting a garden is healthy for you and you get good exercise from it as well. There are so many positive benefits to gardening like I stated above. If you’re wanting to start a more healthy lifestyle I suggest starting your own garden, it can really work wonders. I hope this helped convince you to start your own garden and if you need help to reach out to your local floral shops or local gardeners to help you.