Feature Teacher

Photo Credit: Bryanna Cowles

Wilton High School has a new principal, Mrs. O’Donnell.  She has been married to her wonderful husband, Mike, for 35 years. She has three kids, Chad, Elizabeth, and Matt, and wonderful grandkids. 


When asked about her interests and fears:

She replied, “I enjoy many things, along with sports such as college football; but besides sports, I enjoy reading. My biggest fear would have to be alligators.” 


Before Wilton, her first degree in college was communication, and she became a sports reporter. She also worked at Tipton High School as their swimming coach. Then, she came to realize that she enjoyed being around older kids. 


How have the first weeks at Wilton been compared to other schools?

She responded, “When Becoming a principal, the first thing I believe is very important is getting to know everyone. I really love how polite and receptive the students are. These students really are lucky with the staff. I see so many teachers support the kids. Not only in their school life but any activities that they take part in after school hours. Along with staff members showing up to any nighttime events, I wish the seminar was more productive; and hopefully, soon, we can do that.”


With the new principal came new rules. Classes were pulled down one by one to discuss simple rules that we need to follow:


“I don’t want to see your bit’s. Bit’s; including your bottom, chest area, belly, and simply anything that starts with a B, I don’t want to see. But typically, the dress code is targeted at females, and it’s bothersome to me. The dress code does need to be updated. While we are supposed to be preparing the students for college, I do feel like we need to let them have some freedom and choices.” She also mentioned, “I would be fine with hats and hoodies in the school but the safety plan doesn’t approve.”


The staff and students are very happy to welcome our new principal and are open to change. The students are very grateful for her to show school spirit everywhere she is. Mrs. O’Donnell brings a new light to Wilton High School.