Small Bags: The Ideal Solution


Kayla Hildreth poses with her backpack

Small bags should be allowed in the classroom. This would allow kids to have everything they need and not miss important class information. These bags would not be large. They would be drawstring bags and other small bags that are able to go onto the backs of the chairs. A small shoulder bag could hold students’ folders and computers. While there are difficulties with having large bags in classrooms, small bags pose little risk. 

In the classroom setting, small bags would benefit the students because they would not have to go to their lockers constantly for forgotten items. This would in turn also benefit and save teachers’ class time. Instead of students going to their lockers to grab folders for specific classes, they could just keep them in their small bags. Students have fully shattered their computers by dropping them. Bags would prevent this from happening. While there are these disadvantages, the administration considered all bags to be a hazard in class. 

When questioned about the high school’s bag policy, Mr. Duytschaever, the jr. high/ high school juvenile court liaison officer, said “Items/contraband can be kept in the bag, and that could be considered dangerous”, but couldn’t students also store contraband in their binders or clothing. Students are not searched entering the school, so it is entirely possible that students could sneak in contraband in their bags entering the school and transfer that contraband to their binders or clothing. Mr. Duytschaever also shared safety concerns saying “Placing 30 backpacks in a class with 30 students reduces the amount of room/space”. Full-size bags do pose significant safety risks especially in classes of twenty or more students, but small bags can be kept on chairs, and they won’t stick out since they are so small.

While there are legitimate safety concerns with having full-size bags in a large class, it would not be a hazard to have small bags in class. At least no larger of a hazard than binders, books, and folders. It would also benefit the students to have them. This would save class time and would benefit the teachers from writing passes to leave the classroom. Having small bags in class would help keep the hallways clear during classes, and this would also help kids with carrying their things and not dropping them. In conclusion, small bags in class would not be a hazard for the school or staff but would actually greatly benefit them.