Wilton Trap Team: The Recognition They Deserve

The Wilton Trap Team is all about the clay pigeon shooting sport called trap. The aim of the sport is to break as many clay pigeons, little orange discs, that are thrown out over a field in five stations where participants shoot at five clays a piece. A team of five shooters has their own chance to break 25 clays. 

The Wilton Trap Team’s head coach, Mark Henning, started the team back in the spring of 2017. The team has grown in number over the years, starting with just three seniors, four sophomores, two freshmen, and a handful of junior high kids. It now has students from Muscatine, Durant, Wilton, and West Liberty. The current trap team is participating in the fall league of shooting,  which does not include as many people because it is only an option for returning shooters to the team.

The fall league is meant to be practice for the spring and summer to make sure that those who want to stick with the team have the ability to practice during the fall after the normal season is finished. There are plaques by the high school gym that show achievements of past and present members of the team. These achievements are a few of the many to come from the Wilton Trap Team.